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Toronto Security Systems Offer A Wide Range Of Services

cctv security systems toronto

cctv security systems toronto

Most people have watched a few movies and have some concept of how some home and industrial security systems work.  The screen shows a homeowner watching an intruder through CCTV and calls the police.  A man would be shown deactivating the home security system with a pin code as soon as he enters through the door.  But in the real world Toronto security systems offer a lot more in terms of services than what we normally see portrayed on the big screen.  With the advent of new technologies, the range of services on offer only grows.

Most Toronto security systems companies offer to design and install the various components that make up the security systems installed on the protected premises, be they homes, industrial complexes or high security facilities like banks and defense installations.  Simple installations merely involve the use of alarms which notify the owner whenever the protected area is breached by someone unauthorized – an intruder in most cases.  The problem with some simple alarm systems is that they make a lot of noise and can be triggered accidentally by pets, or movement of even inanimate objects such as curtains.

Security companies also offer to install access control systems of varying degrees of complexity.  Some of these equipments are secured by pin codes, proximity cards, biometric readers, passwords, and swipe cards.  Swipe cards are very popular with hotel rooms and have largely replaced the mechanical key.  An added benefit of using access control systems is that some of these equipments allow recording of the identities of the people who enter restricted areas, the time and dates.

Then there are the very popular cctv Toronto surveillance equipment.  Video equipments offered are of varying degrees of video resolution and capabilities.  Some CCTV equipments only provide a view of protected spaces, while some are connected to video recorders which allow archiving of surveillance footages.  Recording equipment may be activated manually, triggered by motion sensors, or kept open 24/7. Some cctv systems Toronto evenprovide remote video monitoring capabilities via computers, laptops or internet-connected smart devices.

But it is in the area of security monitoring services that security companies shine.  Many security companies offer 24/7 monitoring of homes and industrial premises, where the various intrusion alarms, access control, video surveillance and recording equipment may be connected to a central control and monitoring station.

Most monitored security systems are connected to the security company’s monitoring station 24-hours a day through telephone line, cellular radios or the internet.  Using pin codes, residents may arm the security system so that any alarm tripped would immediately prompt a response from the security company.  In addition, homeowners and business owners may ask for panic buttons to be installed at strategic locations.  Panic buttons trigger a response whether or not the security system has been armed.  Response from the security company typically involves a call to the protected premises, a call to police authorities, and the home or business owner’s contact phone number.

The level of security you need is dictated by the value of the asset you want to protect, and what you can afford.  You can always find reliable security companies through the members of the  Canadian Security Association to provide the appropriate level of protection.