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Technology Company Sales: Learn Lead Generating Ideas for Technology Related Businesses


technology company sales

It is very important for a technology company to have leads. They affect a company in such a great way. Without leads, there will be no customer, and without one, is bad for a business. On the other hand, generating leads take time and hard work. A good marketing plan that can create and sustain leads will be perfect for a technology company.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is an effective way to generate leads. If done right, the prospects will be knocking on the door, look around, and hopefully, spend some cash on the business. The key here is capturing their interest, and a way to do that is to have a good quality of content on the business website or business blog. This way, they will be enticed to stay and make a purchase. By the time they are ready to purchase the technology company sales representative will be there to assist in the buying process.

Business leads tend to know the difference between a salesperson and an expert in the field, and they prefer an expert in the field. Another reason is, experts tend to offer a helping hand rather than a sales personnel just wants to sell a product.

Problems and Solutions

Leads and customers prefer to have a casual conversation with regards to issues and its possible solutions. Customers tend to be more relaxed on a non-corporate environment, and one way to do this is through a blog page. A blog is meant to be a casual conversation page, a question and answer page, or a page where one can present a problem and the business can provide an answer or a solution. These are all important to give you the best it marketing.

An industry leader in the field of technology can share its knowledge, expertise and provide solutions to its audience or possible prospects through its blog pages. It should then contain interesting articles that are related to the products or services being provided by the company.

A nice way to finish off a blog post is to offer a newsletter sign up option so they could be updated when a new blog post has been uploaded.

Use Visual Content For Easy Reading and Understanding

A blog post is an excellent lead generation tool and it is also boring. A blog post will be more enjoyable to read if there will be images on it. It is still different to see some visual representation of the topic on a reading material. One will also get a clearer understanding of the point of discussion.

Infographics, that are very popular right now, is a great example. It is colorful, appropriate, and easy to understand.

A big percentage of the population has an access to the internet and many of them have access to social media. Marketing experts have already acknowledged that social media is an exemplary tool for creating leads. The reality is, marketing experts are encouraging businesses to set up and use the social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites to be able to gain the necessary exposure, generate leads, and produce income.


Container Tracking: What You Need To Know About The Technology


container tracking

The system for container tracking lets you know where a sea cargo is located, port information, and even getting track of the container’s current location at any given time. To do this, the container or Booking number along with the bill of lading must be specified including the shipping line. These three references can help in tracking cargos.

The Bill of Lading

Another method of tracking the container is by the use of the bill of lading which is also shortened to BOL or B/L. It is the regular document that is being given by the carrier which indicates the information about the shipment as it provides the title of the shipment to a particular party. This Bill of Lading is an important document to proceed with the freight shipment and may be used in the global trade to assure that the exporters will get payment while the importers get their merchandise.

The Container Number

Tracking a container is done by the use of a container number. This number contains four letters, the prefix of the container, which is the code of the owner, then followed by the six-digit serial number including the check digit. The owner code indicates the company that owns the container. On the other hand, the check digit identifies the potential mistype in a container number and the final digit in a container number. It also authenticates the container serial number and prefix. The Check Digit calculator is the link where you can check a digit number.

The Booking Number

This is the number for shipping reservation for the cargo that is used by the cargo agent or carrier. The number is given by a shipping company after booking the cargo.

Methods of the Tracking System

  1. Standard Tracking System. The movements of container destination will be monitored and recorded as it goes through the key points like the ports.

  2. GPS Tracking System. This will indicate the exact location of the container and the critical container information. It includes the battery pack, which is permanently installed on the container. This system will indicate the temperature, time, latitude, speed, longitude, battery information and shock reports.

Features of Container Tracking Applications and Software

  • Scan. Gathering of data by the use of simple and natural screens such as the:

    • Handheld scanners

    • RFID technology or Barcode

    • Custom application

  • Xchange. It moves the data through the use of industry standards in the reliable and protected environment such as the:

    • Standard XML Data Format

    • Data Authentication

    • Open file transfer

  • Track. A tracking software that allows the tracking of the supply chain on the Internet and make use of the following:

    • Asset management reporting

    • Internet-based interface

    • Protection

    • Customer invoicing

Suppliers and customers may use a computer with Internet access to see the different tracking tools and get the following details:

  1. Inventory Summary

  2. Daily Container Activity

  3. Dwell Time (Cycle)

  4. Item History

  5. Loss and Damage

While the containers move along the supply chain, the identification as well as event status can be shown in the database of the shipping container.

Multi Touch Interaction – A Beneficial and Irresistible Feature


multi touch interactionWhat makes new touch screens popular is the feature that allows multi touch interaction.  While the ability to use touches and gestures to input data or activate commands on touch screens is sufficient to entice people to use them, it is multi touch interaction which usually seals the deal.

We are naturally social beings.  As such all of us value the ability to work, collaborate and interact with each other; sometimes our interactions lead to healthy competitions which let us achieve more than we expect to; we learn to feed off each other’s abilities.  The same holds true when we use multi touch screens for collaborative types of work; the ability to interact in real time vastly improves our performance.  And if the interactive features we require are not available, there are companies who develop software applications to make them happen.  Professional organizations such as the Computer and Communications Industry Association can probably help us find reliable companies specializing in the creation of applications for touch screens.

Imagine an interactive touch screen in an advertising company.  The team working on a huge advertising project work on developing the concept through touch screens.  Each member is able to provide inputs which other members of the team can instantly critique.  Work in such conditions proceeds at a much faster pace and soon it is time to consult with the clients.  When the clients arrive for the presentation, the interactive multi touch screen is again used to show different variations of the work and to instantly implement changes suggested by the client.  The same concept can be used in product development, web design & development, research, and many other endeavors.

When used to attract prospective clients in trade shows, exhibits and show rooms, multi touch screens encourage interaction discreetly.  The clients are enticed to interact as they are awed by the technology, and also because they are not intimidated as there is no salesman looking over their shoulders.  After exploring the content onscreen, clients who are really interested in the products and services the company has on offer will often seek a salesman.  By then the sale is almost closed.

The irresistible nature of the interactive nature of most multi touch screens is very apparent when such screens are used for children’s education.  Many lessons can be taught in the form of games and puzzles that children solve together.  Suddenly the learning process becomes an adventure; it has turned from a boring lesson into an exciting group activity.

But make no mistake about it children are not the only ones who seek interaction in the educational setting.  Educators use interactive multi touch screens to encourage wholehearted participation even in youth and adult classrooms.  There is absolutely no reason for students to make do with reading textbooks and learning by rote when instruction can take the form of puzzles and games which encourage students to perform above expectations.  Soon they learn ‘difficult’ subjects like mathematics, physics and chemistry through enjoyable group activities.

Multi touch interaction has proven beneficial to many types of endeavors.  Perhaps it is time to discover how it can help your organization.

Inbound Call Center Software Helps Agents Provide Fast Solutions



Inbound call center agents usually provide information or resolve issues presented to them by clients calling in at that one call which is known as one call resolution.  This is not the same with outbound call center agents.   They don’t have to chase after clients to call, clients and sometimes prospective clients call them.  Though that means they don’t have to handle call rejection issues, they have to make sure the client on the other side of the line is satisfied with the response that they give.  If they succeed in doing that, they either retain the loyalty of an existing client or gain a new one.

One other thing that inbound call center agents have to deal with is impatient clients.  Clients are kings who expect to get connected instantly.  They need to get in touch with the right person; the one who understands the information they need, who can answer their queries, and who knows the history of their concerns.  They want answers and solutions and they want them yesterday.  Faced with having to please such demanding people, industry organizations like the Contact Center Association have no choice but to keep looking for ways to improve inbound call handling.

It is a good thing that many contact centers now use inbound call center software because it is a great help in providing the fast solutions clients demand.  Automated call distribution (ACD) systems ensure inbound calls get to a call center agent fast, before clients have cause to complain about long waits.   Routing is made easy by indicators which show available inbound call center agents and departments. The call can be routed to the most appropriate agent or one whom the client has had good interactions with previously.

When call information is collated and utilized to handle later calls from the same client, it turns into a very powerful public relations tool.  It gives the inbound call center agent the ability to make the client feel that his concerns are being given the attention he expects.  The agent, and the client company he represents over the phone, comes across as a truly caring professional.

When knowledge bases are used to address queries and requests for information from the client, the responses and recommended solutions are much more authoritative and thorough.  The solutions also come faster than when call center agents have to look through instruction manuals to find them.  Most inbound call center software available at present have features which allow agents to make use of scripted dialogues to provide information or solve issues.  The feature makes the agent look good, which reflects directly on the client company he represents.  Descriptions of software features used to manage inbound calls may be found in

Interactive voice response features are also common with automated software designed for inbound calls.  This gives the client the opportunity to use automated responses to quickly find solutions to small problems.  The inbound call center agent only handles the big issues.

Fast and accurate solutions result from combining well experienced inbound call center agents with powerful software automation solutions.

Toronto Security Systems Offer A Wide Range Of Services

cctv security systems toronto

cctv security systems toronto

Most people have watched a few movies and have some concept of how some home and industrial security systems work.  The screen shows a homeowner watching an intruder through CCTV and calls the police.  A man would be shown deactivating the home security system with a pin code as soon as he enters through the door.  But in the real world Toronto security systems offer a lot more in terms of services than what we normally see portrayed on the big screen.  With the advent of new technologies, the range of services on offer only grows.  Security systems Toronto are offered in a wide array of configurations.

Most Toronto security systems companies offer to design and install the various components that make up the security systems installed on the protected premises, be they homes, industrial complexes or high security facilities like banks and defense installations.  Simple installations merely involve the use of alarms which notify the owner whenever the protected area is breached by someone unauthorized – an intruder in most cases.  The problem with some simple alarm systems is that they make a lot of noise and can be triggered accidentally by pets, or movement of even inanimate objects such as curtains.

Security companies also offer to install access control systems of varying degrees of complexity.  Some of these equipments are secured by pin codes, proximity cards, biometric readers, passwords, and swipe cards.  Swipe cards are very popular with hotel rooms and have largely replaced the mechanical key.  An added benefit of using access control systems is that some of these equipments allow recording of the identities of the people who enter restricted areas, the time and dates.

Then there are the very popular cctv Toronto surveillance equipment.  Video equipments offered are of varying degrees of video resolution and capabilities.  Some CCTV equipments only provide a view of protected spaces, while some are connected to video recorders which allow archiving of surveillance footages.  Recording equipment may be activated manually, triggered by motion sensors, or kept open 24/7. Some cctv systems Toronto even provide remote video monitoring capabilities via computers, laptops or internet-connected smart devices.

But it is in the area of security monitoring services that security companies shine.  Many security companies offer 24/7 monitoring of homes and industrial premises, where the various intrusion alarms, access control, video surveillance and recording equipment may be connected to a central control and monitoring station.

Most monitored security systems are connected to the security company’s monitoring station 24-hours a day through telephone line, cellular radios or the internet.  Using pin codes, residents may arm the security system so that any alarm tripped would immediately prompt a response from the security company.  In addition, homeowners and business owners may ask for panic buttons to be installed at strategic locations.  Panic buttons trigger a response whether or not the security system has been armed.  Response from the security company typically involves a call to the protected premises, a call to police authorities, and the home or business owner’s contact phone number.

The level of security you need is dictated by the value of the asset you want to protect, and what you can afford.  You can always find reliable security companies through the members of the  Canadian Security Association to provide the appropriate level of protection.